About Ultracore
Who we are
We are everything from firefighters to scientist working on nanorobots. We don't have limits, we just like to explore evreything we like.
Of course to keep everything working as engine, we have our groups divided into Divisions and Units.
This site for example is managed by Digital Research Unit.
Divisions are groups of people who are not yet sure what Unit they would like to join or are working towards them.
Units are groups of people that are proffessional at their selected projects.
Members are registred people that belong into Global Division of Ultracore.
As you imagine we want to expand our info all the time so don't wonder if info above changes from time to time.

Our goals
We have so many goals that it is almost impossible to list them all so we just name ones we formed for now.
Here is the list:
Make perfect web network platform for users to share their ideas, projects, products etc.
Form Divisions, Units etc.
Build platform that supports everything we want according to the Ultracore Main Unit Plans.
Make life simple and logical like it should be!